Apple sells 5 million iPhone 5 in the weekend, 25% more then iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 sales

Apple were all ‘proud and happy’ about the sales of their latest smartphone iPhone 5 which hit a record 5 million unit sales in just the weekend. These figures blow iPhone competitor Samsung Galaxy S3 away with 10 million sales in whole of its first month.

Apple iPhone 5

The US based smartphone company was quick to point it its sales and how its initial inventory has run out. CEO Apple, Time Cook said,

"Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible,"

This is obviously figures that an company would boast about. iPhone has made Apple’s rise to glory short, sharp and lethal. With the design and OS of first iPhone that was released in 2007, Apple has continued to bring innovation to smartphone market and obviously it has bared the fruit with its sales (of first 3 days) increasing by 4 times since 2007

iPhone sales chart

These sales include the sales at Apple retail stores, carrier stores, partner stores and pre-orders that were successfully delivered.

With sales breaking records and setting records, it is still not up to the mark. HOW??

Its Simple! Apple could have sold more phones if it had any!! With crazy frantic demand of the iPhone 5, you cant just get the phone to everybody on the first day or even the first week. Apple’s online stores pre order was sold out in 60 mins. on the first day which tells you how many people want the iPhone 5.

The CEO of Apple also mentioned how iOS 6 upgrade has hit the market and swooped it completely. He stated that 100 million devices have upgraded to iOS 6. These include iPad and iPod touch as well. This is clearly a surprise considering how much iOS 6 has been criticized esp. for its maps.

Apple plans to extend its reach of sales faster this time to take over the smartphone market globally. The company plans to include 22 countries in its list of ‘shipping out phones’ by Friday and 100 countries by the end of the year

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