Samsung targets iPhone 5 in its new Ad

Samsung Ad iPhone 5

Samsung today released its new ad in different news papers and surprisingly it had an Apple product in it, iPhone 5. The add is targeted at Apple’s New iPhone after Apple sued Samsung and got a compensation of $1.05 billion

Samsung vs Apple

The add includes a comparision between the Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 and taunting the iPhone 5. The headline of the ad is it doesn’t take a genius signifying that Apple’s new smartphone is not much of an improvement.

Samsung claims however can be challenged by the pre-order stock sale out of Apple in just 60 mins.
The Samsung Device, Galaxy SIII is surely having an edge over the iPhone 5 with several features like NFC etc. that are not included in the iPhone.

Samsung have also targeted the new dock connector that has come under fire from the users as well by naming it ‘a totally different plug’. They really like to taunt, these Samsung Guys.

Samsung will also have a chance to sue Apple as they have released iPhone 5 on 4G LTE. Most of this tech’s patents lie with Samsung and they will want to take their revenge surely.

This Rivalry has just begun!!!

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