Sony release Android ICS update for Xperia U, Xperia Sola and Xperia Go

sony xperia ICS
Sony announced Android ICS Update for 3 of its smartphones today which include Xperia U, Xperia Sola and Xperia Go. This is the second announcement of Sony after after outing updates for the Tablet S and Xperia Ion (in the US)

Sony Xperia smartphones

Sony announced the release of the update today and said that the update will continue to be received by Users according to region and Carrier.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

These updates have been released for all 3 phones mentioned and has several features that include
  • Multi Tasking Button
  • resizable widgets
  • Excellent Stand by mode to improve Battery performance
  • Improved Locked Screen
  • Improved Music and Photo Experience
With above features available for all 3 devices, Sony Xperia Sola has an additional features in the Update named ‘The Glove Mode’.

sony xperia sola glove

This feature lets you use the phone while wearing your gloves during Winter, a feature recently announced by Nokia in their Latest Nokia Lumia 920. Xperia Sola floating Touch feature made this update possible for the Sony smartphone.

Sony’s Developer World blog states that glove mode is enabled by default in the ICS upgrade for Xperia sola. Sony Software Architect explains the glove mode like this,

“When you unlock the phone while wearing a glove (or with a bare finger in the air), you will enter glove mode and floating touch mode will be disabled. In this mode, both glove touch and normal touch usage will work, for example, if you take off the gloves. There is also a cursor ring shown where you press the screen with your glove, to help you understand where you are actually pressing the screen. To turn off glove mode, you simply lock the screen and then unlock it with your bare finger touching the screen.

How to Check if the update is available for the your region? Its simple,  you can head to the phone’s About section in the Settings menu and select “Check for Updates”.

Another way to check is the go to www.sonymobile.com and check out your device and its Update Availability.

Got Your Update. Do share with us the experience of using Android ICS on Sony!!

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