Google set to launch Nexus 4 on Oct. 29 Android Event

Google Oct. 29th event

Google has sent out invites for a Oct. 29th Android Event to the press. The event will mark the announcement of LG Nexus 4 and several Other Nexus Devices from different manufacturers. The event takes place on the same day Microsoft announce Windows 8. The event will be streamed live on YouTube

Google Event oct 29

Scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. ET, the press conference will be held at Basketball City in New York.

Anticipated Devices

LG nexus 4
Nexus 7 Google
Nexus 10 samsung

Google is set to announce several Devices on the Oct. 29th event. With Nexus 7 tablet among the top, it might just not be the only awesome thing coming out.

Nexus 4 smartphone review ( leaked ) confirms that a Nexus smartphone of LG Optimus G origin is set to release on this event. Another rumor surrounding the Event is a Sony Nexus device that is likely to be a tablet.

Nexus 7 Tablets is a major news as Google is planning to release a $99 Tablet which will be the cheapest yet. The Nexus 7 is also set to release a 32GB Variant which will obviously not be at $99. Samsung is also set to pinch in a 10 inch nexus tablet for Google in this event.

Google has decided to go for multiple manufacturers for its devices this time. This was being speculated for months now with Google Approaching different companies for making Nexus Devices. The thing that we need to see if Google releases a device made by its very own Motorola.

Andriod Updates will be a feature of this event as well up Android 4.2 set to come for some devices.
Impatient to see what Google will announce??? So are We !

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