Angry Birds + Star Wars = Perfect Combo Coming Oct. 8th

angry bird star wars

Rovio, Developers of Angry Birds and Bad Piggies have now joined hands with Star Wars frnachise to launch something what might a a Star Wars Angry Birds Hybrid. This collaboration will bring together two of the most popular brands and We are sure sparks will fly.

Rovio has released a teaser poster on its Tumblr also mentions that there will be something happening at the Times Square Toys ‘R Us in New York on Monday, Oct. 8, at 10 a.m.

The company that owns the Angry birds franchise is Rovio is promising animations, comics and other material in the weeks ahead.

Considering where the event is taking place, it is likely that a game will be released with Angry Birds using powerful Light sabers and Using Jedi Mind Tricks and if that doesn’t work, they can just go back to their usual crashing ways!!

For Updates regarding this Awesome Combo – Stay Tuned!!

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