Apple looses Appeal in Tablet case against Samsung in UK

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You thought the heading is incorrect? No it isn't. Apple’ appeal in Apple vs. Samsung Tablet case in UK was turned down today. The appeal was made on the original decision made by the Court on July 9 where the Jury stated that Samsung Galaxy Tab was simply not cool enough like an Apple iPad.

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The decision was made today in a London Court where Apple saw its appeal turned down. This means that Apple has to publicly apologize to Samsung saying,
“ You are NOT copycats.”

British Judge Colin Birss presided over the original case and the Appeal. The original case was against Samsung copying iPad’s squarish design with Round edges. The first Judgment was made by the British court which mentioned that Samsung hadn't copied Apple’s Tablet design.
(Samsung's tablets) do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design," the judge said in his July ruling. "They are not as cool."

The court didn't charge Apple with a fine but ordered them to send out a Public Apology to Samsung for destroying their reputation in the smartphone market.

Now Apple will have to put up a link in its Website where it will be clearly stated that Apple don't consider Samsung as copycats. Apple also has to circulate its apology in all the news papers. The verdict is not financially damaging for Apple but their market reputation will take a hit after this one.

This is just another Battle in the Apple Samsung War. With Apple winning a patent case in US which resulted in a Billion dollar fine on Samsung, this is a sweet revenge for Samsung. The South Korean Giants have been continuously hassled by Apple all over the World.

Apple’s Policy regarding have been a Pain in the backside for everyone. They want to get all Samsung devices banned from US. While this is practically almost impossible due to Samsung’s popularity in the US, Samsung needs to stay alive by hitting Apple with lawsuits over patents Samsung have like the 4G LTE Patent. iPhone 5 will be in big trouble when Samsung slams a lawsuit on Apple.

There are many battles all around the Globe. Who will win the war?? Stay Tuned to find out!

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