Samsung to Launch Galaxy SIII Mini on Oct. 11 2012

Galaxy S III Mini announcement

Already excited about the iPad Mini and HTC One X+, here is something to take your excitement to the next level. Samsung has sent out invitations for an Event on Oct. 11 2012 which could mark the announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini.

The invitation was sent to technology press of Germany for October 11, 2012. The event invitation has a big S in the background which is quite similar to how Apple designed its invitations.
The invite Head Line reads,
So big can be small. And so small can be big.”

This signifies that Samsung is set to miniaturize its flagship Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, to make a phone that is not only budget friendly but also smaller in size.

The big S in the background and Samsung’s latest advertisements stating the Samsung Galaxy SIII as the ‘latest BIG thing is already here’, it clearly leads you nowhere but to a Small Galaxy SIII.

Here another thing that also needs to be mentioned is Samsung’s Tendency to Copy everything that Apple does. With Apple releasing iPad Mini in a month or so, we believe Samsung just could resist releasing a smaller version of something themselves!

galaxy sIII vs Galaxy sIII Mini

The Mini Galaxy SIII will surely be downsized with a maximum 4” screen size and a Decent 1.2 G Hz. Dual Core processor. A 5 MP camera and a 1 MP front camera will likely be there alongside Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

Considering its specs, it will surely be among the mid-range or entry level smartphones and if Samsung price it correctly, we might just have another hit Samsung Device in the market.
We can't wait for this device. Can you?

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