Samsung Galaxy SIII to get Android Jelly Bean ‘soon’ in US

Samsung Galaxy S3 jelly bean

Samsung has started the launch of Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Update for most of its latest devices. With the Update already available in some countries in Europe, it is time US gets the upgrade as well. Samsung has shown on its website that the update for  Samsung Galaxy SIII in ‘coming soon’

Samsung Jelly Bean update

Samsung website shows this table for the release of Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Devices in Us and for Galaxy S3 it states


This news confirms the rumors of Samsung Galaxy SIII Android 4.1 Jelly bean update for US customers in October.

Why are people so anxious about Jelly bean? Well it will make the Android experience much smoother. The New Android firmware has many new features, including Google Chrome default browser, Improved Photo viewing, better NFC chip interfacing methods & Power Voice Recognition tool  to navigate through the phone easily.

Considering the situation in the smartphone market with iPhone 5 released and iPad Mini on the verge of being announced, Samsung has to come up with something to protect their phones from getting wiped out.
This move of Samsung will be welcome by customers who have been using ROMs to of Jelly beans for Galaxy S3, nowhere near the original Android Jelly bean

What date exactly will it come out? It is a million dollar Question. Judging by Samsung’s Methods and previous Rumors, the update will be out within this month for all Carriers.

Have you got the Patience to Wait for the Jelly Beans?

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