HTC One X+ and HTC One VX Announced: Late October release date set

The HTC One X+

HTC today announced a revised version of their flagship HTC One X smartphone, HTC One X+. An entry level phone was also announced, HTC One VX. The devices were unveiled today and HTC plans to get it in the stores by Late October

HTC released the revised version of the HTC One X to compete with iPhone 5. This release signifies that HTC wants the smartphones market to know that it is also a worthy competitor.

HTC One X+ & One X

Here is a Table of Improvements that HTC One X+ has over HTC One X

One X+ vs One X

There are several features in the device as well including 4G LTE, a larger 2100 mAh battery, and Beats Audio branding. HTC claims that the One X+ is 67% faster than the One X but there is no proof to support it.

beats audio HTC one x

With the new Sense 4+ UI, users have several improvements esp. the Imaging section. Users can find a Self Portrait mode that offers facial detection through the front-facing camera. A sightseeing mode lets users take a snapshot with one click, eliminating the need to jump through the lock screen


The form factor, thickness, screen resolution, all are same as the HTC One X (Otherwise it wont be called a revision).

The thing still lacking in HTC Devices is a micro SD card. For users who like to carry around large data in their smartphones, HTC is not an option.

HTC One X+ is set to keep them in Android market and for Windows Phone 8 market, HTC has already announced HTC 8X and 8S

The release of this smartphone happened today but rumors were out and specs were leaked month before. The announcement date, however, predicted to be sept. 19th wasn't accurate

The device will be in stores across Europe and North Asia starting October, and across South Asia starting November. A separate announcement will be made for North America.

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