Apple rumored to launch 7.85” iPad Mini on 23rd Oct. Event

The Ipad Mini of Apple

As if 1 Mini Version of a Samsung Galaxy S3 wasn’t enough, Apple is set to bring forth its Miniature version of its iPad Tablets called iPad Mini. Set to enter the 7” tablet, Apple will be taking on the likes of AmazonKindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. Rumors suggest that Apple will be releasing the device on Oct. 23rd 2012

iPad Mini iPhone 5

The Rumor has been released by AllThingsD blog who claim that a source has told that about a Oct. 23 Event.

ipad mini 23rd oct.

The device has had several rumors surrounding it. The device was first set to release with the iPhone 5. While Apple only released only iPhone 5 and iPod Touch and Nano at the Sept.12 Event, the rumors went up that October was the Month which would mark the announcement of iPad Mini. Now its October and there already has been a rumor of Oct. 10 as the day for sendingiPad Mini Event Invites. October 23rd is the latest rumor regarding the device and this by all means has to be true.

For Once Apple releases its devices on Wednesday and 23rd October is a Wednesday. This might be a ‘less then convincing’ argument, this is actually taken very seriously by Tech Companies. Secondly if Apple delays the device any more, it will surely miss the Holiday sales.

Back cover of iPad Mini

Apple has finally decided to Enter the 7” tablet market with their iPad Mini, a market that Steve Jobs didn’t want Apple to Enter. There have been many rumors regarding the device, including the one in which iPad Mini was shown without a rear Camera. Rear Camera Exclusion is a method employed by different Tablet Manufacturers to reduce the Cost of the tablet. Apple are also targeting a US$300 in order to Capture the market with a low price, Very Unlike Apple.

Apple is preparing for the release. The company is reportedly manufacturing up to 10 million of the smaller iPad for the fourth quarter.

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