LG to jump into the Nexus market this month.

LG Nexus Optimus G

According to reliable resources its been confirmed that LG is planning a Nexus smartphone release later this month.Google is also looking forward for this release after their successful partnership with Samsung and HTC. The sources reveal that the upcoming phone will be somewhat like an enhanced version of LG's optimus G.

The Nexus series has been a success story for Google, Samsung and HTC with other handset manufactures planning to get in the line. Samsung had released its Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus earlier which attracted quite a market. While HTC contributed in the program by making the Nexus one, LG has never been into the Nexus business before.

The company needs breakthrough in its smartphone reputation as it is currently struggling to create an impression in the growing market. Though it managed to release a decent phone, optimus G, it just couldn't keep up with the users demand for appropriate updates. As we found a huge number of LG users complaining about the lack of technical updates, at The Gadget Code, I think its time for LG to take its users more seriously.

Google has been eager to work with partners in the Nexus program. And we expect a joint Google-LG event soon over this new release.

Will LG be able to make a benchmark in its current poor performance graph regarding smartphones ?
What do the users have to say ? Share your views with us.

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