Effect of US Election on Social Media

US Elections Obama
Barack Obama won the US Presidential Elections today to be appointed the president of the United states for a 2nd term. There was a lot of buzz and hype, leading up to the election and during the time when the polling was carried out. The social networks were equally effected by the Elections as conversations and tweets were sky high, approaching and during the D-day.

US presidential Elections
The US elections produced huge social media activity. This
activity included following the Social Media Accounts of the candidates, sharing political views and encouraging people to vote for a certain leader. Then there was also sharing your poll photo through Instagram which was banned in some states.

On the election Night alone, the tweets had reached 20 Million regarding the elections. There was mass reaction from official accounts of several Personalities regarding the Election.
According to a Research Carried out by the Pew research institute, social media activity by
39% of adults was regarding politics since the start of campaign. 
34% users used the social media to write their own political views
34% users signed in to twitter or facebook to request people to caste their vote

A demographic of the US Election Frenzy of Social Media was Posted by OpenSite.
 DNC social media impact
The DNC Alone sparked tantamount impact on social media. Mr. Barack Obama made some following after the DNC with approx 53k tweets about him per second. Mit Romney was not even near to the US President

Political View on Facebook
The Facebook Walls and Tweets were full of People telling others who they will be voting with younger people leading the list. Although this is a good thing, the negative side of sharing was people unfriending those who werent voting their candidate.

Finally once the results were announced, it was celebration for Barack Obama who posted a photo of his celebration in which he has hugging his wife. The Photo Rocked the Social media with more then 3.1 million Facebook likes and 649,575-plus Tweets.

Barack Obama Celebration
The Elections did rock the social Media. While it is fun to see how much activity was there on social Networks, credit should be given to those companies for running networks to manage such surges of social sharing.


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