Angry Bird Star Wars Trailer Released: Game Coming on Nov. 8

Angry Birds Star Wars
Rovio today released the trailer of its upcoming Game on You Tube, Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is a joint venture of Famous Android Gaming franchise Angry Birds and evergreen Lucas Films’ Star Wars. The game is set to release on Nov. 8th

Solo and Lea Star wars
The game will be available for release on Nov. 8 and will surely be a hit. With the angry birds franchise losing its luster in the recent days, this Combo might just be the perfect way to get its popularity up and running.

The game play features a typical Angry birds style physics in which you launch a bird and it hits the buildings and destroys them. But the birds you launch aren't just normal birds now! Star Wars Characters have been ‘BIRDized’ and they have special powers like the ones they had in the Movies.

Here is the list of Bird Powers

Hans Solo – Has a laser gun which he uses to take down the buildings before colliding with them

Luke Skywalker – A Jedi, Luke uses the Light Saber to cut down buildings

Obi Wan Kenobi – The Jedi Master has the best power of All. Using the Force, he clears all the obstacles

Chewie – A heavy bodied Chewie brings down buildings with his shear mass.

R2-D2 – The droid, one of the smartest, has electric shock capabilities

C3PO – Not natural Fighter, the Peace loving droid breaks into pieces causing multiple damage to buildings

The game has scenes set in tattouine, Hobi and outer space as well. For the Star War clone War lovers, there are droids as well.!

The Role of Darth Vader isn't clear from the video. Will he be just a big ‘pig’ sitting on a building or will he have powers of his own. We will have to download the game to find out

Here is the Trailer of the Game


Angry Birds Star Wars trailer

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