Angry Birds Star Wars released today for iOS, Windows Phone and Android

angry bird star wars
After a month’s wait, it is finally here. Rovio Today announced its latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise alongside Lucas Films, Angry Birds Star Wars. The game was released for several Platforms including iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC Android and Mac. The game is available for US$ 1 on Apple store and has a free and and US$ 4 version available on Play Store
tatouine angry birdsThe game has been released by Rovio in a joint venture with Lucas Films. The game is an amalgamation of the Star Wars series with the Famous Angry Birds Franchise. This is the 2nd release of Rovio in a 2 month Span with Bad Piggies being the first release.

The game is a perfect mixture of the star wars characteristics and Angry Birds basic Physics. The Characters are ‘Birdized’ and are launched like the Angry Birds but they have powers of star wars Characters. The Most interesting Power that shakes the Basic Physics of Angry Birds is of Obi Wan Kenobi. He uses the force to knock out building, thus defying gravity which has been the basis Angry Birds Projectile motion based Gameplay.

Angry Birds star wars launch
The game starts in the Sandy Deserts of Tattuoine, the most famous Set in Star Wars. From the home of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, you move on to different sets including space.

Angrybirdsstarwars_550The game has a total of 80 levels with bonus levels that allow you to play with R2D2 and C3PO.The bonus level includes Droid Pigs which you can destroy by C3PO’s self destruct power or R2D2’s electric shock

The targets, just like in the Angry Birds are the bad pigs but no ordinary pigs. These pigs are storm troopers of the Star Wars Series


The most important of all is the Darth Vader Pig which also has the ‘Force’ power. It uses its force to levitate a building. Taking him out bring that building down destroying the storm trooper pigs.

Rovio is also release merchandize of this Series with Slush toys of ‘Birdized’ Star Wars Characters.

Download the Game and Enjoy! Don’t forget to tell us how it was! 


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