Judge to Consider Jury Misconduct in Samsung Apple $1 billion case

Samung Jury Misconduct
Samsung Apple war has been hot in different parts of the world with Smart Phone giants not only battling it out for supremacy in the market but in the Court Room as well. In the most high profile Samsung Apple Case in the US where the Judge awarded US $1 bn. in penalties to Apple, there is a twist. The Appeal filed by Samsung also includes a request to consider the Jury Conduct by Jury Foreman Vel Hogan

Apple Samsung California Court
The Judge Lucy Koh who intially awarded the judgement in favor of Apple has decided to Consider the matter of Jury Misconduct. Koh’s Order States,
On October 30, 2012, Samsung filed a motion to compel Apple to disclose the circumstances and timing of Apple's discovery of certain information regarding the jury foreperson. On November 2, 2012, Apple filed an opposition. At the December 6, 2012 hearing, the Court will consider the questions of whether the jury foreperson concealed information during voir dire, whether any concealed information was material, and whether any concealment constituted misconduct. An assessment of such issues is intertwined with the question of whether and when Apple had a duty to disclose the circumstances and timing of its discovery of information about the foreperson.

What type of Jury Misconduct has happened in the Court is the real Question?!!

During the Jury Selection Process, Mr. Vel Hogan didn’t reveal complete information about his past. He was a former Seagate Employee, a well known Computer parts manufacturing Company. Seagate sued Mr. Vel Hogan for Litigation which led to his Bankruptcy in 1993

Now Samsung say they have a “substantial strategic relationship” with Seagate and this Penalty imposed on Samsung  by the hands of Mr. Vel Hogan might be a personal Vendetta!

Samsung also accuse Apple for ‘voluntarily hiding’ this information regarding the Jury Foreman.

Now Samsung’s Conspiracy theory might be good but they are not enough to get a retrial of the case with a new Jury.

First of All…This is all Theoretical. Even if Mr. Vel Hogan hates his old Company Seagate, that doesn’t mean he will get his revenge by penalizing Samsung.

Secondly hiding information doesn’t change the fact that Samsung was Found Guilty of Infringing Patents of Apple by other Juros as well.

Samsung have to bring something more substantial to get the result over turned.

Apple has been forced to write an Apology Statement on UK Website following the Case in UK but the US Case is in their hands and Samsung has to pat US$ 1 bn.

Stay Tuned for the latest updates on the ‘War of Smartphones in Courts’

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