Facebook to release a smartphone and HTC will Manufacture it

Facebook Phone HTC
Facebook has become the social networking giant in the past 5 years and now Mark Zuckerberg plans to use enter in to the smartphone market. Benchmarks of a possible Facebook Phone that will be Manufactured by HTC have surfaced. Named the HTC Opera UL, the device is a GOOD!

Benchmark HTC Facebook Phone

The Phone has considerable specs of 1.4 GHz CPU (possibly a dual-core S4) and an Adreno 305 GPU. Adding to that is a 720p HD resolution which will be good for gaming. Although the benchmark scores are not very high compared to other high end smartphones, they are reasonable considering this will be the first Phone by Facebook

The rumors regarding the Facebook Phone have been leaked by Pocketlink who state that HTC is making a OEM Phone for Facebook. In Other words, it will be Phone made by HTC for Facebook.

This is similar to how Google gets its devices manufactured by Smartphone Manufacturers. The Google Nexus 10 has been made by Samsung while Nexus 4 is the work of LG.

The Benchmark of the Facebook Phone showed up a week ago and it has been confirmed that the device is a ‘Facebook Phone’. However the source is unsure when will it release as there are ‘delays’ in its plans.

HTC ChaCha
There have been many rumors of Facebook Phone before and most of them have just smoked out. While this one is also still a rumor we can consider it  after some of the attempts by Facebook to get a separate Facebook Button like in HTC ChaCHa.

The Phone will Most probably run on Android Jelly Bean 4.1. This is because HTC has been making Android Phones and have recently entered the Windows Phone 8 market with there HTC 8X

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