Facebook adds a Share button to Facebook Mobile Site

Facebook Share Button
Facebook today added a share Button to its mobile website m.facebook.com. The button was added  after the requests for the Share Button became immense. Facebook also plans to add share button to its iOS and Android Apps in the near future

Facebook share button shown
The button has been made for the mobile website for users to share the content that they find worthy of sharing. Previously this could only be done from the Full Browser Webpage through a computer.

Although this feature will make sharing more convenient for users through Cell Phones, this Feature will make the News Feed of Facebook a much more crowded place for Facebook users with their friends sharing stuff with a single click through their Cell Phones.

facebook sponsored links
The links that will really benefit from this Button will the Sponsored Links. Not only will they become more viral, also their publicity rate will be increased because a large population of Smartphone users will be Sharing their stuff.

Facebook and twitter similar

The Share button available on the mobile website is very much similar to the Retweet button available for Twitter. For sometime now these 2 social networks have introduced similar methods of social sharing and this one adds to the tally

Facebook’s move comes after a lot of criticism from users regarding the unavailability of the Share Button. The ridiculous part about this is that it wasn’t difficult for Facebook to do it, they were just too Lazy to make it. This is very unlike Facebook.

Don’t Forget to try out the Share Button!


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