Second GTA V Trailer Released: Three protagonists and lots of Vehicles

GTA 5 2nd trailer
Rockstar today released the second trailer of their most awaited Video Game, Grand Theft Auto V. The 2nd trailer has been released after almost 12 months of the first trailer. With several rumors surrounding the game release date between the first and second trailer, the game finally got an official release target of Spring 2013 while the pre-orders have already started.
GTA 5 Second Trailer

The trailer starts off with a traditional narrative and continue with all 3 protagonists being introduced. Trevor, Franklin and Michael who live different lives but come together for the life of Crime are shown with their typical styles
 Los Santos View GTA V

Los Santos GTA 5
The trailer reveals several details about the game. For starters, the game Shows a lot of Los Santos top views. This indicates clearly how big the world of GTA 5 will be.

GTA 5 TrevorThen comes out the Molotov Cocktail, that Trevor Uses to blow up a house. Among the 3 protagonists, he is the most Psycho with a CUT HERE Tattoo on his Neck. Wicked!!

GTA V screenshots
                                  The game features a few glimpses of a Bank Robbery reminding you that there are Jobs to Complete in the Game. The most interesting feature of Jobs will be the switching between Characters during the Job.

If there isn't police and Car Chasing, then its not GTA. There is no sign of Police Cars in the trailer but Police will be there to BUST you!
GTA 5 dirt bike
There are Cars and Trucks and Vans for you in the game, not to forget dirt bikes as well.
GTA 5 Cars
Clearly the two best scenes of the trailer include the Airplane blowing up a Police Chopper and the one (Love this one!) where Micheal jumps off a 4x4 which he drives out into the sky from an airplane.
GTA 5 Airplans
GTA 5 Micheal Jump

In multiplayer mode, you can set up "crews".The CREW players set up in one will be carried over to the other. "Crews" will let players form private crews with friends, or join public crews. It will just like Counter Strike, only with a lot more to do. You can be  member of up to five at the same time, and completing tasks as a crew will gain experience points for the you, making the gaming experience all too worthwhile
The game is already available for pre-order! Well don’t just stand there, go n get the pre-order!

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