HTC Announce Droid DNA: The Smartphone with the Best Screen Ever

HTC Droid DNA Verizon
HTC, alongside Verizon, announced their latest Flagship Phone today, HTC Droid DNA. The announcement brings to the customers another Powerful HTC Phone after the HTC One X+ and HTC 8X. The device will come to Verizon on Nov. 21 with a reasonable price of $200. The pre-order of the Phone starts from today.

HTC Droid DNA Press Release
HTC Announced the device in a joint event with Verizon in the US. The HTC Droid DNA is the variant of the HTC J Butterfly which was released in Japan about a month ago with KDDI.
This device marks the entry of HTC on 5” display Smartphones with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G


The Core

Qualcomm Snapdragon s4
1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (APQ8064 paired with MDM9615m) is the heart of this device. The Quad Core surely packs a punch and is in the league of LG Nexus 4. With a Quad Core, a standard is a 2 GB Ram and HTC has maintained the standard.

Camera & Display

HTC Droid DNA Screen
You though you had seen it all when iPhone came out with there iPhone 5 326 ppi? Well you have to see this then!

The Smartphone has a 5.5 inch True 1080p HD Display with Super LCD 3 Technology. This is the first HTC phone with this Tech. The device packs an Incredible 440 Pixels Per Inch which leaves behind the iPhone 5 Retina display by some distance.
The screen size is same as the Galaxy Note 2 and is much better when you use them side by side. HTC has exceeded in the Display department consistently with HTC One X considered to have to best screen before the Droid DNA

HTC Droid DNA Camera
The device has a 8MP f/2.0 rear camera with 28mm wide angle lens, BSI sensor, ImageChip and 1080p HD video capture. There is a dedicated camera button well on the device. The impressive part about the Camera is the Camera App. The gallery has been improved with photo maps, better HDR, smile recognition, and a cool countdown feature for vanity shots.

Form Factor

HTC Droid DNA sideview
The device is big, quite big. The reasons, big screen and a bigger battery (2020 mAh). The overall dimensions of the phone are still considerably large but it still doesn’t feel that bad. The device has a Footprint no bigger then the Galaxy Note 2. With the large screen of the Droid DNA, it still weighs only 142 grams. The bezel has been drastically reduced by HTC to make a 5.5 inch display acceptable in the hands of customers. but STILL,



The Operating System is Android 4.1 Jelly bean which has been covered with HTC Sense 4+. The OS is considerably fast over the powerful specs of the Phone. With Jelly bean known for Hardware independence, Phone freezing isn't very likely

Other Features

 While HTC included a MicroSDHC slot in the HTC J Butterfly, Droid DNA doesn’t have one. The phone has 16 GB of internal Storage which is not enough for a high end smartphones. While fixed Storage is a good Policy for iOS, Android Customers require extendable memory mainly due to limitless apps of Android.

The Phone has Beats Audio which keeps the Voice in the HTC Phones at its best. If you want to listen to music, yHTC Droid DNA microusbou have to keep a limited collection cause you only have 16 GB.
The device also has standard WiFi and Bluetooth. Adding to that are the Rocker buttons inspired by Ferrari. The microUSB slot is shown.

HTC Droid DNA hands one

This Phone will surely be a hit. Coming a week before Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, it will give a tough time to the Galaxy Phablet mainly because Note 2 will cost $300 while the Droid DNA comes at $200.
Here is the first promotional video of the Phone.

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