Nintendo Wii U requires a 5 GB Update: Bricks if you Turn in off in the Middle

Nintendo Wii U Brick
Nintendo Wii U was launched Yesterday in the US and the sales were immense. People Waited for hours to get the Ultimate Gaming Console of Wii U As soon as possible. When the buyers bought the device home and tried the Online Gaming Features, they were surprised to see a 5 GB Update requirement to Access it. Moreover, if the Console was restarted during the Update, it BRICKED
Nintendo Wii U Update

The Update is mandatory to get the Online Features of the Device and to our surprise, it has a considerably large size of 5GB.

Now most of you might think, ‘Oh 5 GB? its nothing! but hold on. The real problem with the update is that if it gets interrupted somehow, ( device powered off or Internet Disconnection), the Nintendo Wii U goes BRICK. Yes you read it right, IT GOES BRICK!

One of the Nintendo Wii Users reported the issue on Twitter

Nintendo Brick Tweet

First of all, it is extreme Carelessness from Nintendo regarding any pre release information about a 5 GB Update. To Top such a blunder is the Brick Problem. Although Power and Internet are two Very reliable services, a mistake can make your newly bought gadget into a piece of Silicon.

The issue is further being aggravated by Nintendo’s Server Problems as it is not able to handle all the downloads at once. With such a big update and will a major sale out of the Nintendo Wii U, this is something Nintendo Should have foreseen.

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