Samsung adds Apple iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPod 5 to Patent Lawsuit

Samsung Apple second lawsuit

Samsung Apple Patent war wages on in Courts all over the World. Like in other countries, both the smartphone giants battled it out in the Court Room where Samsung was fined with US $1 bn. Now its time for Round 2. The second case of Patent infringement has been filed and Samsung recently added Apple’s iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPod Touch 5th Generation to it.
Apple vs samsung round 2

Samsung today filed for the addition of the latest Apple devices to the case that is still in its finding stages. The actual proceedings of this case will be starting in early 2014.
Here are the words from the actual filing.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (collectively “Samsung”) shall and hereby do move the Court for an order granting Samsung leave to amend its infringement contentions pursuant to Patent L.R. 3-6 to allege infringement by the iPod Touch (5th Generation) (the “iPod Touch 5”), iPad (4th Generation) (“iPad 4”) and the iPad Mini, which was released after Samsung served its original infringement contentions, and after Samsung filed its October 1, 2012 Motion for Leave to Supplement its Infringement Contentions (regarding the iPhone 5) .”
This signifies how deep the war between the two smartphone giants is. There have been several cases worldwide in which these companies have rattled the Court and judges to decide the ultimate victor. Recently in a case in Europe, Samsung got a minor victory and Apple had to apologize publically to Samsung for alleging them of patent infringement.

This case includes 9 Apple devices including the iPhone 5 as well. iPhone 5 inclusion was on the cards as Samsung has majority of 4G LTE Patents. 18 Samsung devices are also a part of this case including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which were Added by Apple in September . The Android Jelly Bean 4.2 will also come under fire due its presence in Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung has also requested the court to look into the Apple HTC Patent Agreement which was just signed between two companies.

How will the case unfold, it’s a long way away.. You might here the verdict when maybe iPhone 6 hits the stores.


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