The Ultimate Gadget for Doomsday 21-12-12: The Noah's Ark

21.12.12 Noah's Ark
The so called Doomsday, 21st December 2012, as predicted by the Mayans is upon us and accordingly the planet Earth we know might face the worst natural disasters of its existence. With massive earthquakes, Hurricanes and floods a major possibility, survival almost feels impossible. While most of us are still not ready for it, a Chinese farmer has built an ultimate Gadget to survive the Doomsday, Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark Chinese
The Noah’s Ark has been built by a Chinese Farmer Liu Qiyuan of Village Qiantun who has spent 300,000 Yuan in its construction.

The Noah’s Ark is able to carry 14 people(in sitting position) with Seat Belts for all. The Ark is air tight and therefore has Oxygen tanks to meet the needs of passengers. The Big Rolling ball  can Roll on Ground and has the ability to run on water as well with a full 360 degree rotation and propulsion

imageLiu Qiyuan has built the Foolproof Doomsday survival machine by using Steel Frames for the main Structure. The external Surface has been made by Fiber Glass thus giving it the strength to withstand harsh conditions.

The use of Fiber Glass is clearly justified due to the material’s ability to handle increasingly compressive loads which can be the case in a Floods.

The Ark has arrangement for storing Food Supplies for survival as well.

Inside the Noah's Ark

While skeptics and Doomsday finders might find it the ultimate device to survive the doomsday, it can have much wider applications. The Ark can be used as a rescue ship for people trapped in Natural Disasters. These Balls can be made public for countries where Tsunamis occur every few Years. Liu Qiyuan is also expecting Government and International attention for acclamation of this Machine.

Are you Ready for the Doomsday? Share with Us your fears and Doubts!

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