Recharge as you go: Energizer XP 4001 Portable Power Pack

Energizer XP 4001
Today’s World has become filled with Gadgets like smartphones and Tablets. Surprisingly, the technological growth of these devices has reduced their battery life with majority smartphones lasting 8 to 10 hours.  To keep your device from running out of juice, we suggest Energizer XP 4001 !
Energizer BoxThe Energizer XP 4001 is a Battery Pack that is not only Rechargeable but portable as well. The device can charge 2 devices simultaneously including smartphones and Tablets using USB Connections. The device costs a Cheap US $30 and provides considerable utility especially for travelling Users.


Energizer Isometric View
USB and Power


The Energizer is a sturdy Power pack with a good rubber like textured plastic grip. The device is considerably small with average dimensions of 5.2  x 3.15 x 0.55 Inches. Inside is a powerful 4000 mAh. battery which can get charged in 4 hours. The device comes with 2 USB Ports and an A/C Adapter Port. The USB ports are labeled separately for Mobile Phones and Tablets. Adding to that are the two lights and and a Charging Button on the top with one for self charging and other for Charging devices.
Although the manufacturer claims that the devices comes pre-charged, we decided to charge it up completely before testing its abilities. When the Energizer is being charged using it’s A/C Adapter (Included in the box), the self charging light is red and turns green when its fully charged.
The next step was to start charging devices. The Energizer XP 4001 comes with 3 Cables, 2 with slots for fitting various tips and 1 dedicated cable for the Apple devices. The device also comes with 5 different connectors that can be fixed on the 2 open ended cables. These cables can be fitted with connectors for HTC, Motorola, Nokia (small round pin) and Samsung.

The application is not limited to smartphones and tablets only. All other gadgets including Samsung galaxy Camera, MP 3 players and Several Bluetooth handsets can be charged if they have charging ports that can be charged by any one of the tips.
To start charging, just connect the required cable to your Phone and hit the Charging Button.


The Powerpack’s 4000 mAh battery is much similar to any tablet and much more then any smartphone in the market . We tried to charge several devices using the Energizer XP 4001 and nonetheless the device continued to impress.
After Charging the Energizer XP 4001 to its optimal level, we started off with the iPod Touch 4th Generation. The Apple iPod Touch was completely drained when we plugged it into the USB connection for Phones and Energizer was able to Charge the device up to 100 % in about 2 hours. The time taken by Energizer was almost same as the A/C Adapter of the iPod Touch. Without recharging, the next Device plugged in was Samsung Galaxy S2. Powered by a 1650 mAh. battery, the charging started when the device was dead. In 2 hours, Energizer was able to charge it to 100% power. This time, a bit slower then the A/C Adapter but nonetheless useful. The last in line was Nokia E63 with its 1500 mAh. The device was at 50% charging and Energizer was able to charge it up to 90% power when the Energizer finally drained out.
We also tried to charge a Chinese Made Momo7 tablet with a battery of 4000 mAh. from scratch and Energizer took its battery to 70% before charging out.


Energizer XP 4001From our experience of the Energizer XP 4001, we found it to be a very handy gadget. We were able to charge an iPod Touch and a High End Smartphone completely in one charging of the Energizer and it still had something left.
Although it doesn't exactly charge upto its full rating i.e. 4000 mAh., it still gives out considerable power. We can attribute the ‘less then the power rating’ charge to the start up power required for the devices and old smartphone batteries that extract more power.
The connections are all very sturdy and with various tips, the charging is easy to start. The build quality is exceptional and the the USB ports provide proper connectivity but the tip and smartphone connections were not that reliable.
We recommend the Energizer XP 4001 for users who carry around smartphones and Bluetooth devices. For tablet users, Energizer XP 4001 may not be as effective as for smartphones but it can still give you a lifeline if everything goes black.


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