Google Release Google Maps for Latest Apple devices: Comes with a SDK

Google Maps iOS 6

Finally after the torture and frustration of Apple Maps, Customers of Apple can take a breather as Google finally released Google Maps for iOS 5.1 onwards to iOS 6. The app. has been designed esp. for the iPhone 5 and is available for download from Apple Store

Apple Maps Blunders
With Blunders like these, Apple Maps become a problem for users and Apple had to release an Apology for the Apple Maps. To put Apple Maps out of its misery, Google Maps is finally here.
The software is a typical Google Maps with several features. These Include
  • turn-by-turn navigation
  • live traffic info
  • public transport directions
  • street view
  • Vector construction for 3D Modeling of Map
  • 29 languages
The drawbacks of the App is that there are no offline maps. This is of concern due to the limit of Connections in various areas. Also the App has been released for the iPhone 5 only and doesn’t get optimized if you put it on the iPad.

The fact that amazed the tech world is the availability of the Software Developer Kit for the Map by Google. This will allow Developers to tinker with the App. in order to optimize it and 3rd party developers can directly use Google Maps for their Apps. This move is farsighted from Google due to the fact that virtual reality games have just arrived (like Ingress) that depend on navigation system for their game play.

Apple Customers! Are you relieved? Share with us your experience!


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