Battery Life Ranking of Android Smartphones: Average Life of 20.4 Hours

android battery life

In the Modern World of Smartphones, where people are increasingly dependent on their devices, it is essential that these devices have enough Juice to handle a full day of Use. To find out the smartphone with best battery life, Root Uninstaller Team conducted a survey to make a Ranking of Android Handsets based upon their performance on similar usage.

Root Uninstaller Team, developers of Battery Stats Plus app, used the data from over 474 Android-OS devices and 5585 battery statistic reports during last 3 weeks.

The Rankings include both Tablets and smartphones. This Battery Life Comparison it is a good graphical representation of the Battery Life Data of Android Devices.

Here are the Top 15 Android phones with  bestbattery Life.

Android Battery life top 15

Here are the Top 15 worst performing devices

worst battery life

The Top 15 device list starts of with a tablet which is no surprise due to larger Tablet Batteries. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gives a whooping 62 hours backup and tops the list. Among the Top 15, there are no Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5 as expected but Motorola Droid Razr HD with its powerful 3100 mAh. battery is placed 4th deservedly with a 42 hours backup. A midrange HTC Sensation also makes its place among the Top 15.

The Lowest Ranked 15 Devices include the Highly Rated LG Optimus G. The High End smartphone battery drains in just above 6 hours which is pretty low as compared to battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which gives a battery output of about 12 hours on heavy usage. The Skyrocket version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 also gets listed in the bottom with a mere battery life of 11 hours.

The most interesting of stats in this survey was that average battery life of smartphones was found out to be 20.4 Hours which is about a day long backup. This means that you have to charge your phone everyday and this is certainly a problem when people are travelling a lot. For this, Extra Batteries of Portable Chargers are a good option or you can  use Battery saver Apps like 'Battery Doctor'.

For those people who want long battery life and plan to buy an Android cell phone, this ranking can surely help them to find their device.

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