Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit: 3000 mAh. Battery

              Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently Samsung’s Most successful Handset. The device has sold units in millions. However, like every other smartphone with hi tech., it suffers from a short Battery life. To resolve this issue, Samsung has released a 3000 mAh. Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Mobile Fun S3 battery
The extended battery kit was made available for pre-order by a British retailer Mobile Fun. The Battery is now available on Amazon Germany as well.

The battery kit comes with a the extended battery and a back cover to manage the larger battery. This makes the device a bit thicker.

Mobile Fun pre-orders are available for $ 65 while German Amazon price is $53 which is cheaper. Mobile Fun also hasn't clarified when will the Kit be available while Amazon Germany have given a Date of 5th January to its customers.

The battery kit will increase the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S3 by 2 hours, precious for those who are highly dependent on their smartphone.

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  1. Is this really official? Why no US version? Why no mention of it on the Samsung site?

  2. Gary..
    The Battery kit is claimed to be official by both the retailers including Amazon.
    Regarding your query of US Version release, it will come soon. This is mainly because Samsung Prefers UK over US in all its updates as well.
    Since the Battery Kit is still for pre-order and sales haven't start, we presume that it will come up on the website once its sales start


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