How to view Full Photos in Facebook Newsfeed without Clicking on Them

Facebook News Feed Photos

Most of us open Facebook and the first thing we do is go through the news feed for Updates and Photos. While Facebook News Feed covers almost everything, it makes you click on photos that you want to view. To move on to the next Photo in News feed, you have to exit the first one and click on the next one. Surely Annoying. Luckily, Google Chrome Plugins has a solution, Photo Zoom for Facebook.

This extension for Google Chrome is free and you can get it from Here.

It offers feature of viewing full photo in your news feed by just keeping the mouse over the Picture. You can see the full size photo from it. This is very much like the Air View Feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Here a Few Steps to set up Photo Zoom for Facebook

Step 1 : Open your Google Chrome in your Computer and get the extension from Here.

Step 2 : Once you have opened the link, Click on Add to Chrome option as shown by the red circle

Photo Zoom Facebook

Step 3: Once you add it, a page opens likes this. Select advance settings and Click let me at em.

Photo Zoom Facebook

Step 4: Deselect the Show captions where possible and hit save.

Step 5: Restart your browser

Open Facebook and take your mouse over a picture in the News Feed. You will be able to see the complete photo like this

Zoom photo facebook newsfeed

If you ever want to disable this Extension, you can Either Go to Settings>Extensions and hit disable on Photo Zoom for Facebook


you can disable it from the icon that appears right next to your Chat Bar in Facebook

Disable Photo Zoom Facebook

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