Nokia Lumia 920 to get PR 1.1 this month to solve daylight photo blur

Nokia Lumia 920 Update
Nokai Released their Windows Phone 8 Devices in September, Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820. While Nokia Boasted over its Camera Technology of Image stabilization and Low light performance, issues have been reported regarding blurry pictures of the Lumia 920 Camera. To solve this problem, Nokia will be releasing PR 1.1 Update by the end of this month.

Nokia Lumia Series
The news was confirmed by Nokia Care and Engadget reports that the Nokia US tweet hints an ‘end of the month’ release

The PR 1.1 will update the Camera software for better daylight performance. While users have been satisfied with the Performance of the Lumia 920 Camera in fast motion capture and low light imaging, the daylight performance has been debatable. Here is a comparison snap of the Camera performance before and after the update.

PR update 1.1
The update will also improve LTE and Browser Performance of the Windows Phone 8 Devices.

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