How to Remote Access your Computer from your Android Smartphone

Remote Access Team Viewer

Transferring data from one computer to another is always a problem. You work all night, complete your report and forget to take it with you in a flash disk next day! Nothing can be worst then that. We all wish at that time that only if there was someway we could access our Home PC from the office and get the files we need. Now in this era of smartphones, you can control your Home Computer using your Android Smartphone from anywhere!

Team Viewer Android App

Team Viewer is a Free Android App available for download on Google Play Store. The App lets you remote control your PC, transfer files and much more.

Team Viewer provides unlimited features of remote control but requires the software to be installed in both Partner Devices

In order to get your Remote Access working from anywhere, you first need to set up your Computer ONCE.

Setup Team Viewer on Personal Computer

1. Download Free Version of Team Viewer from Team Viewer Website and Install it onto your Computer

2. Once the Software is installed, Launch it. It will show a Window like this

Team Viewer page

3. Note the ‘Your ID’ and ‘Password’ Numbers (Covered in black in the picture)

Setup Team Viewer on Android Smartphone

1. Download the App Team Viewer in your Android Smartphone and Launch it

2. Write the ‘Your ID’ in the Partner ID bar and hit Remote Control

Team Viewer Android

3. Once the ID has been entered, Team Viewer will prompt for the Password. Enter the Password.

4. A Window will appear on the screen explaining to you different controls ( like LEFT CLICK, RIGHT CLICK, DRAG & DRAG) usage. Read them Carefully and them close it.

Team Viewer Android Instructions

A window will appear on your Smartphone which will be showing you the desktop of your personal Computer.

Congratulations! You just got Remote Access to your Computer.

Once the devices are connected, it is time to use one device from the other. You are in control of you computer and you can send emails, send Prints to your printer and access all the files. Although Team Viewer doesn’t have the feature of Voice, you can see videos at a low frame rate depending upon your Internet Connection.

For Remote Access of Your Home Computer, you need to Ensure the following

1. Your smartphone is connected to the Internet (Local Wi-Fi or Package Data, any would do)
2. You Computer (at home) has access to the Internet.
3. Team Viewer is Running on your Home Computer
4. Your Computer is Open and NOT in Sleep or Standby Mode.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED that Team Viewer password changes each time the software is closed. This means that if you turn off your computer at night, the next day it will have a different password which you will have to note.

To avoid this situation and set a Constant Password for your Team Viewer.

1. Go to Extras and select Options in Drop Down List

Team Viewer Tutorial

2. In the Left Panel of Options Window, select the Security Tab.

Team Viewer Tutorial

3. In the Security Options, write your Constant Password in the Pre Defined Password bar.

4. In the Random Passwords, select Disable Random Password from the Drop Down List and Click OK.

The Team Viewer ID from One Device Remains to same and once you have made your password constant, there will be no need to check the password daily from Team Viewer on your Computer.

Did You Find it Useful? Share with us any tips and tricks you know about Team Viewer

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