Samsung Galaxy S4 to come with Flexible Screen

Flexible Screen Galaxy S4
Samsung is not far away from the release of its next Galaxy S series Phone. Among the many rumors surrounding the upcoming Samsung device, one has caught our attention. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to release with a flexible screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4
The next in line smartphones in the Galaxy Series is eagerly awaited and is set to release in April 2013.
The device might come with flexible displays which would be virtually unbreakable. The rumors suggest that device might be using bendable plastic rather than glass. According to the WSJ report, Samsung's flexible displays will incorporate OLEDs.

Flexible display prototype

Samsung has been showing off flexible LED Prototypes in different exhibitions. Looks like its time when we actually might get to use this technology in our hands. Considering how good Samsung is with screens ( look at its TVs) we can expect something exciting from Samsung

The real Question is how bendable will the screen be and at what point will it break. This has to be kept in mind that the device also has other hardware and bending that wont be a good idea. Samsung will surely work something out regarding it.

No matter how much we talk about its flexibility, it is after all a screen. With the latest trend in smartphones, we can expect a powerful 5” screen with 400+ ppi. That would bring the screen in the HTC Droid DNA Category which will be surely impressive.

How do you like the idea of a bendable display…

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