How to Save your Wet Gadgets

Wet Gadgets

Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players or handheld consoles, all Gadgets face the peril of the Mighty Liquids that can short circuit them. Unfortunately, despite the danger, we use our devices in seemingly the most unorthodox places. Nonetheless, we end up with a device completely Wet. How to save it from Frying itself Out? Here are a few simple steps

Step No. 1 :
Remove the Power Source:

The first thing you need to do is to cut off the power of your Gadget. In case of cellphones and tablets, remove the battery IMMEDIATELY.

If you have a cellphone whose battery cant be removed, power off the Cell Phone.

Why is it done? The main reason to power it off is to avoid Short circuit. The Printed Circuit Board in your Cellphone has several Electrical Components and there connections printed on it. Fluids Cause havoc in there because due to their conductivity, they change the direction of the current from the real path, thus Short Circuiting many components of your device.

Step No. 2 :
Remove the Liquid  on External Surface

Whether your device nose dived into water or a drink got spilled over it, doesn’t matter. You have to dry it. Use a Tissue paper or a soft Cloth to soak up the water on your gadget. Make sure all the external parts of the gadget has been wiped clean. Wipe it gently to move it as little as possible to avoid water entry inside the casing.

Why is it done? The water on the surface will eventually get absorbed by the device and go inside it.The screen esp. should be wiped clean for touch screen phones

DONOT Shake your phone in an attempt to get the water off it. Some water will surely fall off but the rest will go inside your device.

Step No. 3 :
Remove the Moisture

No your external cleaning is done but to make sure your gadget is moisture free, you need to keep it in a water absorbent. There are many things you use as absorbent like silica gel, but the most easily available is RICE. Keep you gadget in a lunch box filled with RICE for 24-48 hours.

Why is it Done? You cant clean the innards of your device with a tissue. Yes you can open your device using screw drivers but that might void the warranty so be careful. Secondly if you have a latest high end smartphone like Apple or Samsung, its probably not advisable to open it. In such a situation, water absorbents can attract and absorb moisture where the TISSUE cant reach.

DONOT use a hairdryer with hot air over your devices to quickly dry it. Electronic gadgets are sensitive to temperature and get damaged easily

Step No. 4 :
Insert the Battery, Connect the charger, Hit the switch and pray!

After 24-48 hours dip in the rice, its time to start up your device. Assemble your phone and connect the gadget to its charger. Wait for a while and give time to the device to get started. It can take time because the battery might have been short circuited during the dip and might need time to start up.

If it starts, monitor the charging for sometime. After sufficient Charging, start your device.
Check if all the features, buttons and speakers are working.

If your device doesn’t start or some of its features aren't working, its time for a trip to the repair shop.

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