How to merge your Windows Live Messenger Contacts with Skype

skype vs live messenger

Microsoft announced this year that it will be discontinuing Windows Live Messenger and Skype will be its Premier Instant Messaging service. This means that the long list of Windows Live Messenger Contacts needed to be shifted somewhere else. Luckily, Skype offered the option of Merging accounts which can help you to import your contacts into your Skype Account.

Here are a Few Simple Steps to Merge your accounts and thus import contacts

1. Download and Install the latest Skype From Here if you don’t have it. If you have it, make sure it is the latest version.
2. Once you are done Installing it, Launch it. In the first page that opens, Click on the Microsoft account as circled
skype login page

3. Skype will lead you to a page which looks like the hotmail.com sign in page. Put in your Hotmail/Live ID and password and sign in.
hotmail login page

4. Once you sign in, Skype will prompt you for you Skype account. If you have one, Click on ‘I have a Skype account’ and if you don’t have one, Make one by clicking on ‘ I’m New to Skype”.
skype sign in page

5. Once you Input details of Your Skype Account, Skype asks confirmation to merge accounts. Hit Continue
merge confirmation

6. Skype signs in and you will be able to see you all your Windows Live Messenger Contacts In your Skype. Congrats! You Did it


-  The Contacts are not arranged in Groups as they were in Windows Live Messenger. You will have to make new groups for them

You can do this by going into

Contacts > Create New Groups and simply drag the contacts you want to your group

- If you sign in using the Skype Account that your merged with the Windows Live Messenger Account, you wont be able to see the Windows Live Contacts. To see your Windows Live Contacts, you will have to sign in using your hotmail/Live account.


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