Top 5 Websites to send Free E Cards for Christmas

Merry Christmas E Cards

Christmas is just round the corner and everyone is preparing to wish there loved ones a very happy Christmas. With people from different parts of the world returning to there families, this is a festive season for everyone. We bring to you top 5 websites from which you can send free E Cards to your loved ones and to show them how much you miss and love them.

5. ecardster.com

ecardster christmas cards

So you want to send a photo as an E Card then here is your website. Ecardster.com provides a simple platform to make an E card out of your photo and send it to your loved ones. The website requires you to follow 4 simple steps to make a photo E card. First you are required to upload your photo and then it asks for the text you want in the photo. The third step is a editing step where you can edit your card by changing font style and color borders. Now you are ready to send your Photo as an E Card. Just Enter the Email and Hit Send

4. dgreetings.com

dgreetings christmas cards

dgreetings is a free card website that provides Cards for many events including Christmas. The Christmas section has cards divided in various categories and you can choose according to your relationship with sender. For someone special or Business relation, all types of cards are available. Although the cards are not animated, they provide a basic customization option to improve the outlook of the card and of course you can add your own message.

3. egreetings.com

egreetings christmas cards

It is again one of the veterans in E cards. The website provides variety of E cards to select from different categories. With Card sharing on Facebook available for this website, you can always share it.

2. someecards.com

someecards christmas cards

The website has a different brand of E Cards available for you. While most of the websites have a cute animal or Santa clause with a Jingle to make the card look attractive, this website provides a photo with a strong caption to go with it. Some captions are even funny giving it a ‘meme like look’ and others provide a message. Someecards has a ‘simple easy to send’ option and also provides the option of posting the card on Facebook

1. 123greetings.com

123greetings christmas cards

The website is one of the oldest when it comes to sending E cards. With E cards for almost every event, 123greetings has a special Christmas Event card section as well. With over 1000 Cards for Christmas only, the website has Christmas card categories ranging from romantic to Official E Cards. The sending procedure is also simple and provides Scheduling of the Card delivery as well.


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