How to set a Video as your Wall Paper in Windows 7

Windows 7 Desktop

Bored with the same old desktop and the never Ending Icons? We bring to you something that will transform your ‘dead motionless’ desktop in to ‘up and kicking’ desktop. Here is How you can set a Video as your Wall Paper using VLC Player in Windows 7

VLC Media PlayerVLC Player is a Video Playback Software (just like the Windows Media Player. The Software is very simple to use and most you must already have this in their computers because it can run several video formats. You can Download VLC Player for Free from here

Here is the Step by Step Guide to set a Video as your Wall Paper using VLC Player

1. Launch the VLC Player after you have downloaded and Installed it

VLC Player Video wallpaper2. Go to Tools in the Task Bar of the VLC Player and select Preferences

VLC Player Video wallpaper

3. In the Preferences Window, Select the Video Icon in the Left Column of Icons

VLC Player Video wallpaper

4. In the Video Option, Go to the Output Drop Down List and Select Direct X Video Output.

5. Save the Changes in Options and Restart the VLC Player

6. Now Open the Video File you want to Run on Your Desktop in the VLC Player

image7. Go to Videos options in the Task Bar and Select Direct X Wallpaper


If you are using the Aero Theme of Windows 7, it shits down when the video starts so don’t get worried if this pops up.
Once the Video is finished the desktop goes back to its Aero Theme. To Keep the video running continuously…

imageGo to the View Option in the Task Bar of VLC Player. Select Playlist in the View Menu

imageOnce you Select the Playlist Option, a dialogue box opens. In the Dialogue box, select the small icon for loop as shown in the picture


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