No Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 OS

Blackberry 10 Whatsapp
Blackberry has been overrun by Android and iOS in the smartphone market. RIM is now in the process of bringing forth its latest OS to compete with the likes of Windows Phone 8 OS, BlackBerry 10. Despite all the excitement and hype created by RIM, there is a news that Whatsapp will not be available for BlackBerry 10

Whatsapp is one of the most famous Instant Messaging services. It is widely used by Smartphone Customers and supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Nokia Symbian S40 onwards.

Regarding the BlackBerry 10 OS, Whatsapp team said,

“We have no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment”

While people might focus on ‘at the moment’ part, there might be a very possibility that BlackBerry 10 might not get the App like its predecessors. This is mainly due to fact that BlackBerry has its own BBM which provides instant messaging service for BlackBerry Users only. However, due to its Cross-platform support, Whatsapp can feature in Blackberry 10.

The Next BlackBerry OS is coming on 30th January 2013 along with 2 smartphones, ( one touch and the other with a physical keyboard). There will be several companies who will bring support of there app/game for the BlackBerry 10. Will Whatsapp be among those companies? We will have to wait and find out.

BlackBerry lovers..You want Whatsapp in your next OS or not?

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