How to Disable Pre Installed Windows Programs(Internet Explorer) in Windows 7

Internet Explorer Disable
Windows is the most used Operating System all over the World. The Microsoft made OS has several features that make it very useful expect for its browser. Internet Explorer is no doubt the slowest browser and people like me consider it as a waste of space in my Computer. So here is a simple way to disable the Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Internet Explorer Disable
1. Go to the Control Panel in your Windows

2. In the Control Panel, go in to the Programs
Windows Disable Internet explorer1

3. In the Programs Menu, select the Turn Windows Features on or off (Underlined in the picture)
Windows Disable Internet explorer2

4. A Dialog box will open with all the features of Windows that come with the Installation. Uncheck the boxes you want to disable ( Only Uncheck the ones that you know off. Unchecking all might affect your Windows)
Windows Disable Internet explorer3

5. Once you uncheck a box, a warning appears as shown. Click Yes to it and then Click OK in the Dialog Box
Windows Disable Internet explorer4

6. Windows will perform the necessary steps to disable the Programs and then it will ask to restart the Computer. Restart Now
Windows Disable Internet explorer5

7. Once you restart it, you will find that the torture by the name of Internet Explorer is Gone. Your Default browser will be set to another Internet Browser.

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