How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

Windows startup programs
Windows Startup is usually something we all want to be fast. Imagine how bad it feels when we have to see that screen (in the photo) for even a minute. While there are several ways to improve your startup, one of them is to reduce the Programs that start with your computer. Here is simple way to turn off unwanted Startup Programs of Windows

1. Open the Start Menu and Type msconfig.exe in the search bar for windows 7 and hit Enter. ( For Windows XP, type in the ‘Run’ bar in Start Menu).
Windows Startup programs msconfig

2.  A Window will open with the name of System Configuration. Click on the Startup Tab
msconfig screen

3. A list of Programs appear here. Uncheck the Programs you think are unwanted.
startup program msconfig

4. Click Ok. A Message Appears asking you to restart your computer to take effect. Restart it Click Exit without Restart to do it Later
startup progam disable

  • Don’t Disable all the programs in the startup. Some Programs are important for your Computer Like Antivirus Programs
  • msconfig.exe can be used to do several other things. Tweak with them only if you know what you are doing because it can cause system instability

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