How to take a Screen Shot of the complete Webpage in Firefox

Screen Shot Mozilla Firefox

Taking screen shots is one of the most used utilized in computing. While most of the thing we want to take a screenshot of are not larger then are screen, some are. Many people complain about the not being able to take a full screen shot of a complete Webpage with the simple Print Screen Option. A simple solution to your problem is an add-on in Firefox named Screengrab

Screengrab is an add-on for Firefox which allows you to save complete webpages as files or just copy them like the Print Screen Button.

1. Open Firefox. Download and add the the add-on to the Firefox from Here

2. Once it is downloaded, open the desired webpage for screen shot.

3. Now go to the top right corner of the Firefox window and click on the icon shown

4. Once you click it, two options will appear. Either to save the complete Webpage as a image file or to Copy it to paste it elsewhere like paint

5.You can either save the Complete page, the visible portion(same as the print screen button) or Save the Selected part only.

6.The Selection option one turned on, turns the webpage red. Now you can select the part of the webpage you want to save or Copy thus increasing its utility

Did you find it useful? Share with us your views and any Alternatives

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