How to set up Hotmail in Outlook 2010 using Hotmail Connector

Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook is one of the handy tools of the Microsoft Office Pack. It is widely used in different organizations to manage email accounts efficiently. Setting up an Email account on Microsoft Outlook is however tricky. Luckily for Windows Live account users, a add-on for Outlook exist which makes the set up easy. The add-on is Hotmail Connector. Here are a few simple steps to use Hotmail connector to set your email on Outlook.

1. Download the Hotmail Connector. You can download it from HERE

2. Run the Setup. You can see the setup screen below. Accept Agreement and click install

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

3. Continue with the steps and finish the installation

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

4. Now Launch the Microsoft Outlook. Click on the Files Tab on the Top. In the Files Tab, Click on Add Account

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

5. It will show a taskbar with space for email ID and password. Enter your Hotmail ID and Password

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

6. The process will take some time. Once Microsoft Outlook verifies your credentials with Hotmail, you will see a window like this

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

7. Now you are connected to your Hotmail. To Update your emails and Calendar, Go to Send/Receive Tab and Click on Send Receive All Folders

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

8. The Process will take time depending on  how many emails you have

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

Your Outlook will be synced to your Hotmail ID from Now on. You manage emails, calendar to your ease.

If during the Verifying Procedure, a window like this shows

Hotmail Collector Microsoft Outlook

Then Re-enter your password because you might have put in the incorrect password.
Also if you have your Outlook open and you are installing Hotmail Connector, it will shut down so make sure your work is saved before you install the Connector

Hope you Found it Useful. Share with us your views

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