How to Charge your Devices when the power goes out

Charge phone without power

Power outages and Black Outs occur every where around the World. They can occur in even the most prosperous of countries and can be due to a Natural Disaster or Power Shortage. In such situations, keeping your devices charged up is most essential to stay connected to the world. Here are a few simply ways to keep your devices charged up during long Power Cuts

1. Use Extra Batteries

The most important thing to keep your devices On for a longer period of time is extra batteries. Always have a spare battery of your smartphone fully charged and at your disposal. Altough most batteries loose power with time, it is still the easiest way to get your smartphone juiced up again. Also, you can use larger sized batteries for your smartphones available at different retailers. For laptops, extended battery kits are also available

For Devices with inbuilt batteries, this option is not feasible

2. Use a Power Pack

A battery Power Pack is another cheap option to get your devices charged if they run out of juice. Power Packs like the Energizer Xp 4001 are handy gadgets. They can be charged once and kept for an year without loosing its charge. These Power packs can be connected to several devices at once and can juice them all up. There are Power Packs for Laptop charging as well.

3. Use a Car Charger

Car Chargers are cheap to buy and easy to use. You can connect the charger in the Lighter Pin of the car and use it to charge many of our devices. But the charging is expensive because you have to start your engine to charge your device. If you charge with only the ignition on, you will juice out your car battery .

4. Use Laptop as Power Source

This option is feasible if you have more then I laptop. Use one and save the battery of the other laptop to charge your smartphones and other gadgets with USB Connections. Put the laptop in sleep mode to save maximum power. Laptops can charge phones with minimum effect on their own Battery thus making them a handy power source.

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  1. question with a UBS power packs, does one have to have a contract with AT&T or Verizon so there is a cell open, I have Comcast so when we lost power few times no Internet on Laptops, no phone, no cable, we do have a generator for household appliances, some lighting.


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