How to Open Specific Pages at Startup in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Startup

Google Chrome has taken most of the browser market from Internet Explorer and Firefox. The Google Browser is most popular due to its variable functionalities and add-ons. Such features allow you to customize your browser according to your need. One such option is to open several pages that you want to see every time you start Google Chrome. Here are a few simple steps to do this easily

Google Chrome provides the options in its settings bar and it is easy to access and activate.

1. Open Your Google Chrome

2. Click on the image on the right corner of your screen shown by the circle

Google Chrome Tutorial

3. A drop Down menu appears. Click on Settings in it

Google Chrome Tutorial

4. In the settings tab, find the start up list and in that click on the Open Specific pages

Google Chrome Tutorial

5. Click on the set pages, a window will appear asking you to input URLs. Enter the links you want to open.

6. Click ok and you are done.
Google Chrome Tutorial

7. Shut down and open your browser again and all the pages you entered will be opened immediately

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