HTC Mini Launched: Remote control for the HTC J Butterfly

HTC J Butterfly Mini
So you think a 5 inch smartphone is large enough to take out from your bag every time you want to add something to your schedule, HTC also thinks the same. HTC announced the HTC Mini for the HTC Flagship HTC J Butterfly, a small remote control for the China Version of the smartphone.

HTC smartphonesThe Remote has been announced for the HTC J Butterfly, the Asian variant of the HTC Droid DNA. The smartphone currently has one of the best displays with a true 1080p resolution.
HTC Mini
The Remote has several features which allows you to control several functions of the HTC J Butterfly. The HTC Mini has a monochrome display and connects to the smartphone via NFC. The Remote lets you
  • make calls
  • offers call log
  • send text messages
  • view and edit calendar entries
The features mentioned above are not enough to make a remote for a smartphone. The real handy features of the HTC Mini include
  • Acting as a remote when the HTC J Butterfly is connected to TV
  • controlling the camera shutter ( Taking photos using your remote)
  • acting as a Phone Locator if you happen to misplace it.
Although the HTC Mini seems a little too much hassle for just a smartphone, the device is actually handy. For People who tend to use their smartphone from dawn to dusk, the remote can provide assistance if it doesn’t get lost itself.

The Pricing hasn’t been released yet and the remote is for the HTC J Butterfly still, it is likely that HTC will release it depending on the response of customers in China.

Would you want a remote for your handset? Share your view with us

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