Microsoft Starts Countdown: Is the Next Xbox Coming?

xbox 720 countdown

2013 has started with some great releases and announcements in tech. To add to the excitement, a Countdown clock has appeared on Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, “Major Nelson” which could definitely mark the announcement of the Next Xbox. The Clock will hit 00:00 on June 11, 2013

Count Down to Xbox

The clock shown on the Blog leads to June which takes us to E3, the time frame predicted for the next Xbox Release.

The Xbox 360 is almost 7 years old now and Microsoft has kept a 7 year gap between the Xbox and Xbox 360 which means that 2013 is the year for the new Xbox to arrive. Although Xbox 360 has been handling the Games perfectly well, a new technology from Microsoft is awaited in the wake of the 7 years of technological advancements the Gaming Industry has seen.

The Clock runs but it doesn’t show anywhere that it might be replaced by a new Xbox Photo once it runs out. The Clock might lead to another Gadget or Game or Maybe an addition to the Xbox 360 like the Kinect 2. The June 11 Date seems unlikely also because of the fact that Microsoft was having trouble manufacturing the Core for the Next Xbox. The Bill Gates Owned Company was suffering due to high rejection rates in Processor Manufacturing.

The New Xbox is expected to revolutionize gaming with features any other console hasn’t supported. Several rumors of specs and hardware have been released which sum up to
  • AMD 6000 series GPU
  • Controllers with separate displays
  • Kinect 2
  • Ultra HD (4k Resolution display) and 3D support
  • Blue-ray player
  • Direct X 11.0
  • Xbox Smartglass
With the last year Xbox 360 related releases of Microsoft, it is clear that Microsoft is aiming to make the next Xbox more of an all-rounder then just a gaming Console. With Music Play and Xbox Live, you cant forget your Xbox.


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