Firefox 18 released by Mozilla for Windows, MAC and Android

Firefox 18 CES

Mozilla released the new Firefox for its Customers at CES 2013. The Web Browser has been released with different new features for Different Operating Systems including Windows, Mac and Google’s Android.

General Features
The New Browser comes with the New Java Script Compiler, Ion Monkey. This Compiler increases the performance of most Web apps, and especially browser-based games by 25 percent. Mozilla used BananaBread, a game it developed itself to show the improvement after the introduction of this new Compiler.

New Features for Mac:

The Firefox for Mac gets a Retina display which will improve resolutions for games and browsing.

New Features for Android:
Google Now Firefox 18

The Firefox for Android has got several Features. The most interesting is the Google Now Integration in the Browser which will allow faster Google Searches. The mobile browser now also includes new anti-phising and anti-malware features that warn users when they encounter a malicious website.

New Features for Windows:

firefox 18 Web RTC
The Windows version, along with the compiler and safe browsing, gets a Web RTC Communication support as well which will allows users Real Time Video and Audio Chat through browser.


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