Samsung Galaxy S2 to Get Jelly bean Update: Samsung Korea

Samsung Galaxy s2

Samsung has taken top position in the smartphone market mainly due to its popular Galaxy Series. Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the most successful phone from Samsung and it has been given regular updates. However Samsung continues to upgrade its older Phones as well. Samsung will release an Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Update for its Samsung Galaxy S2 users

samsung Mobile
The News regarding the update has been leaked by Samsung Korea. The Update is currently for Phones from 3 Korean Carriers

The update will be available through Kies

Samsung Korea says Android 4.1 is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S II - Samsung Korea reveals Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S II
The Upgrade will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to S2 users. The Device has a powerful Dual Core Processor which can easily handle the OS.

Here are some of the Features you can expect in the Upgrade
  • Project Butter
  • Google Now
  • Google +
  • +Talk
  • Camera software features including pause button for Video recording
  • Google Play Movie
  • Google Play Book
The Update will soon come for other countries including US and it isnt something Samsung wont release Worldwide. The Update comes almost at the time when Samsung Galaxy S4 is near to its debut.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Users. Are you excited?


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