How to Disable Face Tags Feature in Gallery of Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently the most successful Phone of Samsung. With an 8 MP Camera, the Phone doesn’t just take pictures. The Gallery of the Samsung Smartphone (Android based) has several Features including a handy Feature called Face Tag. While it is always useful to tag photos, it can be annoying if you are just viewing the Photos. Here are few simple steps to Turn off this feature.

samsung galaxy s3 angelina jolie
1. Open your Gallery and select the photo you want to view. You will see Yellow box around the face if the photo isnt tagged. If it is tagged, you will see a name.

2. Tap the Menu key and select "Face Tag."
galaxy s3 face tag

3. A box will Appear inquiring if you want to turn your face tag off. Hit Off
face tag on off

Your Face Tags are now Turned Off. Once you are done viewing Photos, you can turn them on again. Face Tag allow several features including social Network sharing.

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