How to Find Out which websites are tracking and forwarding your Data

Website Tracking Cookies
Websites all around the world are visited by several people from different regions of the globe. These websites therefore not only track your visit but forward your data to other websites. To find out which websites are following you to your home, here is a simple tool in Mozilla Firefox, Collusion

Collusion for Firefox
The add-on comes for Firefox and shows a circle-stick diagram to signify the websites you have visited and websites which have got the data from the ones you visited.

Here is how to Get Collusion and use it to check for tracking websites

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and Download Collusion from HERE

Collusion Download Firefox

2. Hit the Download Button and once it is complete, add it to Firefox

Collusion add on firefox

3. Once added to Firefox. You can now start Browsing. On the bottom left of the Mozilla Firefox, you can see a Red Ring. Click on it to launch Collusion. Here is what you will see

collusion window

The Diagrams might look extremely complicated at first but they are simply to understand.

The Websites are show as Circles. The Circles Highlighted by Blue are the Websites you have visited. All the other Circles are websites that have been sent date from the websites you visited.

To see the website name which you have visited or which got access to your data, take your mouse over it and it will show its name. For further information on the website, click on the circle and info will appear on the left panel

collusion info

This is a useful tool for Firefox and gives you an idea which websites and spreading your data.
To avoid tracking

1. You might wan to delete your cookies if you don’t consider it safe.
2. Use the Do Not Track feature of Firefox to avoid sending of your data

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