Firefox 19 arrives for Windows, Mac and Linux with a built-in PDF viewer

Firefox 19 windows mac linux

Mozilla released the newer version of Firefox, the Firefox 19 on Feb. 19th. The browser has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux users (including Android) and comes with a feature users have been waiting for a long time, a in-built Portable Document File Viewer (PDF) viewer .

Firefox 19 Update

The browser was released on the HTC One was released and therefore didn’t hit the headlines. The Firefox 19  is now available for download. To manually update your Firefox, Go to the (Orange Colored) Firefox Drop Down Menu, and in the Enter the Help Menu in it. You will find a About Firefox and you will find the Update Option there.

Firefox PDF viewer

The Firefox 19 ads the built-in PDF viewer to your Firefox. The Firefox 19 uses standard HTML5 API’s to open PDF files in your Brower without the plugin. The PDF Viewer allows you to change the Zoom, Find words within the document, see bars for page thumbnails. You can bookmark the PDF and Of course Print it from your Firefox.

There has been some changes for the Firefox for Android as well. The Android Version of Firefox is now available for devices with Processor with min. clock speed of 600 MHz. which will allow many devices that can host the Firefox 19 including LG Optimus One. The Smartphone version of the Browser will also allow customized themes.

The Mac Version of the Firefox doesn’t host the pinch to zoom feature which is very useful for touch screen devices like the iMac.

Did you download the Firefox 19? Share with us your experience of the new browser


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