Google Release Google Glass Preview Photo: Pre-order for Creative Individuals

Google Glasses

Some of you must have surely though of how it would feel like to record a video of what you are exactly viewing. Luckily so did Google. The American Technology Giants initiated a Project Glass which was to make Glasses that could perform functions like Recording videos, taking pictures through your eyes. Google just released the Preview Video of the much awaited Google Glass

Google Glasses model

The video was released by Project Glass of Google Showing what functions the Glass can perform and was able to give us JUST a small idea of how it can be used.

The Glasses are very simple with a small box on the top right lens which doesn’t affect the fashion at all. A small screen appears on the top right corner of the glasses which shows you the commands and results.

The Google Glasses are able to perform several Functions like Taking Photos, Recording Videos and much much more. The functions are all voice activated, which means you don’t need to press a button. Just order the Glass, “ok Glass, take a picture” and it takes one and its similar with recording. Not only that, the Glass can Google Topics for you, it can extract images from Google for the searched field as well.


The Glasses can store reminders which is a crucial feature and adding to that, it can navigate which means you will never get lost. The Glasses can also be navigate so you don't get lost.


Another important feature is the On screen translation you can get. You just ask for the translation of a word and you get it. It cant act as an interpreter but it will surely be a handy tool

Here is the video of the Google Glasses

Google Glasses preview

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