HTC release the HTC One: The Phone with the Ultra Pixel Camera

HTC today announced their new Flagship Phone, the HTC One. Hyped for Sometime now, the Smartphone has finally come to the press with few features that will see you drooling. After the HTC Droid DNA, this will be the smartphone in the town for HTC. The Phone is coming for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and will be available in March 2013


The device was announced at two simultaneous events in New York and London to sync the launching. This attempt of HTC however failed and the discussions in the two events were completely Different.


Wrapped in a Aluminum Body and Hosting a powerful 4.7 inch LCD display, HTC One surely doesn't disappoint after the HTC Droid DNA screen. With a whooping 468 ppi, the device is surely making it a treat to just look at.

Powered by a 1.7 GHz. Qualcomm 600 Processor and a 2 GB RAM, the device is extremely fast and can handle the Android Jelly 4.1 Easily. However, HTC hasn’t used stock Android, instead it has introduced the New Sense, the topping of HTC over Android thus making the HTC One experience more HTCish

The Device has been launched with Two things that are really something to look at. First is the Ultra Pixel Camera technology which the HTC teased through photos in its twitter account. The other thing is the Sound technology, BoomSound which is set to make recording and voice call experience much better.

HTC boomsound

With two front facing speakers and a powerful amp to deliver stereo sound, HTC has introduced BoomSound. HTC reps. were pretty excited about the new Technology

HTC Boomsound

In addition to the improved sound output, HTC has also improved the capture with "HDR sound recording." Two mics, with membranes to record undistorted audio. HTC gave to example of recording in a concert where extra noise is a real problem for recording videos.

HTC has also developed a new music player that uses the cloud to pull in lyrics and other song info.

HTC Camera One

With a 8 MP Front Facing Shooter, the HTC One has a new Camera technology for us and they introduced it by saying

"The era of the megapixel is OVER."

So Ultrapixel is a custom HTC technology. It gets more light than traditional sensors, which means better low-light photos. HTC didn’t stop boasting about the Ultrapixel Camera and said it could take in 300% more light then standard smartphone cameras.

HTC Camera

The Camera app is marvellous with several options including changing the Shooter from a Single Swype.

HTC one Zoe

And then there is the HTC Zoe

HTC Zoe, which automatically captures high-resolution photos and short videos at the same time. Zoes are short video clips, like cinemagram or Vines, but with HTC"s own proprietary format. The One can take Zoes, photos, and videos and automatically create "highlight" videos in the gallery.

HTC One Announcement

HTC One is surely a Phone all of us will be looking at and it is not far Away with the release set for Next Month. The Pricing hasn’t been discussed yet.

How do you think the HTC One will fare? share with us your views


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